Charles Lighthouse creates work dedicated to promoting a compassionate, forward-looking, and regenerative culture. He is a deep listener whose careful reflections provide vital insight, vision, creativity, and guidance.

Charles provides editorial, strategic planning, communications, analysis, and coaching services for non-profit and creative clients. He is an expert on publishing, grassroots fundraising, non-profit leadership, event planning, psychedelics with a humanities focus, free expression, education, and the arts.

He writes zines, pamphlets, articles, and podcasts about visionary culture, music, and art. His current project, The Dead Letter, is a deep dive into the history and meaning of the Grateful Dead, examining how the band's creativity and heritage provide models for reshaping American life.

Charles is also the co-host of Psychedelic Salon, a twice-weekly online community meeting and ongoing podcast series. Founded by Lorenzo Hagerty in 2005, the Psychedelic Salon represents the longest-running online archive of lectures and interviews documenting the history of the psychedelic culture.

Feel free to get in touch: clearsightedmind [at] gmail [dot] com

You can also follow him on Instagram where he posts as @clearsightedmind